Those moment to pack your suitcases shall return soon, where you may resume your voyages towards infinite spaces and unexpected encounters. Morocco and its exceptional nature extend their arms to you. We are committed to helping you rediscover this magical Kingdom in a more authentic and humanitarian manner than ever. In these times especially, our thirst for renewal, a reboot and overall contemplation drives us towards more curiosity to the world, for others, and respectively to ourselves.

We take advantage of this mailing to ask you a few questions: what type of trip do you want to embark upon today ? Morocco is a land of unparalleled hospitality, which is why we want to give back what it gives us day in and day out. Since we all likely have more time on our hands, do take a minute to get back to us, and allow us to create this project together !

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Solidarity tourism

One of our mottos at Destination Evasion is to ensure a concrete transition from futile tourism to useful tourism. We have aligned our reflections with society, artisans, cooperatives and associations, weaving in Corporate Social Responsibility, to create a breeding ground for solutions and initiate the sustainable tourism of which we dream.

Smart Travel

Morocco offers you beaches as far as the eye can see, snow-capped peaks, green valleys, endless desert … but also villages to rehabilitate! Whether you stay on an operational farm, roll out the carpets for picnics or evening events, or engage in cohesive team building, we organize activities for you that generate income invested in these harmonious projects in Morocco.

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