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Working with us

It’s been a long time now that Pierre-Yves Marais has explored off the beaten track trails in Morocco. A lover of nature and adventure, he loves the silence of hiking as well as the thrills of the off-road. Travel agent for many years in his adoptive country and creator of the camp lodge Terre des Etoiles (Land of the Stars) in the Agafay desert. He has surrounded himself with experts over the years who are as passionate as he is, adding the knowledge of the desert, the mountains, and the ocean… soon thereafter, he added business trips, retreats, rallies and bivouacs in the desert.

Today, DESTINATION EVASION is made up of a solid team of guides, advisors and companions, all extremely passionate in the success of every aspect of your trip to Morocco.

Our offices are based in Marrakesh, however the guides that we have worked with for many years now will meet you in their respective region. They possess perfect knowledge of the terrain and this will allow you to go out, explore and roam around in complete confidence. Our team of Moroccans or residents who have lived here for many years will listen to you intently in order to create the most memorable trip imaginable to Morocco.


You’ll have guessed it by now, we are a passionate team! Don’t hesitate to send us your credentials if you have the yearning to mix your passion with your profession. Contact us!