Ethical Partners Destination Evasion Morocco

The Destination Evasion travel agency will bring you to Morocco for an authentic trip that speaks directly to the soul and takes you to the junction of multiple cultures and sensational landcapes… But we want to go further than this, our objective is to create a transition of futile tourism into useful tourism. For this reason, we are collaborating with a network of organisations that share our ethos.

The Douar Kriya Association

in the desert of agafay

It all started with our partner, the eco-camp Terre des Etoiles (Land of the Stars), situated in the Agafay desert – about thirty kilometres from Marrakesh, in the renovation of a farm in ruins and a village situated in the same desert. For some months now, we have been committed to axes of reflection with the community, artisans, cooperatives and associations by appealing for corporate social responsibilty, in order to create an incubator of solutions and initiate sustainable tourism, something we dream of.

The renovation of this farm, dedicated to welcoming travellers, as well as the home of studios for artisans, preludes a much more expansive project together with the community: the activity of this farm will generate revenue that will be poured back into construction projects aimed at renovating the village.

The Imddoukal n’immalayn Tdakoutse Association

in the region of Tdakoutse

The goal of this organisation is to animate tourism in the Oasis by creating an eco-museum which showcases the objects used and made by the Oasis dwellers and visiting the granaries and any other areas of interest. The association’s concrete projects :
– Creating a camp for welcoming travellers and allowing them to discover the Oasis.
– Renovating the « Tanoutfi », subterranean water sources which will be used to store water in case of fire. Last year the Oasis caught fire and this destroyed a part of the palm grove due to lack of maintenance.
– Renovation of other water sources in order to produce potable water.