Destination Evasion Specialist Travel Agent in Morocco

Specialist Travel Agent in Morocco

Destination Evasion will bring you to Morocco for an authentic trip that speaks directly to the soul and takes you to the junction of multiple cultures and sensational landscapes. Leave the souk shopping behind and the symphony of moped honking behind you. Lose yourself in the crooks and crannies of the Medina, drink a cup of tea at someone’s place, go on an adventure into the land, far from everything and everyone, in the middle of the dunes, into the silence of the mountains and to the singsong of the ocean waves. Destination Evasion knows these routes so well, and so many more. Being a specialist in Morocco for 20 years now, we are elaborating on the trips and private circuits, the made to measure company retreats and the one-of-a-kind experiences across the entire country.

Destination Evasion will make you discover Morocco with extremely flexible travel plans that allows for everyone to find their ideal travel solution.

Made to measure trips

There are three options to choose from : Opt for a trip from the catalogue, privatise a trip for a small group or travel with a made to measure plan.

Any option is specific and deserves close inspection from our team. So please do not hesitate to contact us directly should a project be important to you. Between friends, with your family, in a club or an association, every trip can be made real and privatised. Please let us know.

When privatising a group trip, there can be an increase or decrease from the catalogue price. All depends on the number of participants, the mode of transport, accommodation options and number of supervisors. Concerning tailor made trips : If you have a project relating to a destination from the catalogue, whether that’s in an already covered region or an area that is not served by us, our team is ready to propose different à la carte circuits.

For more simple requests, an itinerary will be put together and an tariff will be proposed.

Our passion is Morocco

Researching a customised circuit is a service which excites us immensely. And what’s more, your trip will be a great success and we will be rewarded : Your souvenir of Morocco will be nothing but strong and emotional !