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For a total of 400 male guides, there were only 10 female ones. She often jokes that she « opened the way », referring to her long history with climbing and speleology. She is a holder of a Master’s degree in tourism and as she was preparing to embark on the classic path of hotel business, she crossed the path of some young Spaniards keen on adventure and wide open spaces. One of them started an agency and charged Hafida to relay this to Morocco. « That’s how I met the first guides of the high-mountains. Simane, one of the pioneers and Rachid Berrada, at the time the president of the guides, Serge Canu, the then director of the UCPA branch and Fabrice Cuzin, one of the great connoisseurs of Moroccan flora and fauna. These are all professionals who pushed me into becoming a high-mountain guide ». « For me, climbing and hiking, it’s a challenge. The call of the summits. It’s also a kind of declaration to my father who often put me and my sisters down for not being able to face challenges. This is my way of saying to him that we can be women and reach summits ». In 1995, she launched the first hikinh trek for families and at 40 years old she climbed the ice cascade in the high-alps. Today she remains a well respected Moroccan adventurer recognised by her peers. « From now on, I wish to change the trekking experience into a more complete adventure including a cultural aspect. For example, my last circuits alternate between days of hiking and of culture, immersion and craftmanship. I will continue to accompany groups of hikers and adventurers, but I would also like to give the yearning of mountain exploration to others. For example, in the Agafay desert, I like to suggest interesting outings of about 2/3 hours combined with the comfort of the eco-lodge. Given my fame and passion for my work, I would like to give and transmit. What makes the country beautiful: the Moroccans, their hospitality and spontaneous generosity. Also its location. The country is situated at the most westernly point of the African continent. From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, passing through the Sahara, the Toubkal – the highest peak in North Africa, the imperial cities, the beaches, these are all the extremes which give this diversity, which is so surprising ». What she likes about her job : Making people happy. « Making someone laugh is happy but making them really happy is more complicated. This is what I manage to do when I travel with them, I give a lot of myself and they can feel that. Some people come back for the 10th or 15th year! ».

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