A Visit to Three Art Galleries in Marrakesh - 1 Day

A Visit to Three Art Galleries in Marrakesh

This tour will unveil the artsy side of Marrakesh which conceals contemporary art galleries. You will be surprised by the wealth and currentness of the exhibits on show… follow the guide!

According to the exhibition programme, you will see:

The 'Galerie 127' where Nathalie Locatelli regularly presents the work of big names of art photography such as; Sacha, Sarah Moon, Scarlett Cotte, as well as Moroccan talents that she promotes with a passion. There is a beautiful gallery in the 20s style building and exceptional photo exhibitions all year round...

The David Bloch gallery, decidedly contemporary, affirms its artistic direction with three themes of fondness :
- Word art and calligraphy.
- Optical and Kinetic art.
- Abstract and the Imaginary.

The 'Comptoir des Mines', an Art Déco building where Moroccan artists from each apartment are exhibited thanks to the CMOOA - Moroccan Company of Works of Art.

Guide price based on two people : €65 per person


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