Hot Air Balloon Baptism above Marrakesh - 1 Day

Hot Air Balloon Baptism above Marrakesh

Our partner will open the gates to the heavens by taking you up into the sky in a hot air balloon… It certainly is the most full on activity on offer, getting into a basket attached to a balloon and flying over the land for the voyage of a lifetime full of beauty and emotion.

Comfortable flight
Tea and a Moroccan breakfast will be served before or after the flight

Early in the morning, a car will take you to the Marrakesh countryside so you can start living the dream at sunrise...you'll help out with the unloading of the equipment, the ignition and the inflation of the balloon before going on the most unforgettable journey of your life over Marrakesh and its environs. A fabulous show awaits you; observing Marrakesh from above, majestic and purer than ever. After an hour of flying, a 4x4 car will take you to have a cup of tea with a local. This warmth and simplicity allows you to perfectly come back down to Earth gently. In case there are not any words to describe this incredible experience, the phrase which is dear to Ciel d'Afrique will sum it up for you: "Hot air ballooning will make you understand why birds sing...".

Guide price based on two people: €195 per person

Hotel/Riad transfer to the departure point in the Palmaraie region of Marrakesh.
Transfer time: 5 a.m.
Moroccan breakfast served before or after the flight

Trip Facts

  • Hicham
  • Omar

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