The Medina Experience in Marrakesh - 1 Day

The Medina Experience in Marrakesh

Live Marrakech differently. Come discover it with its inhabitants! Share the day of a craftsman with whom you will make a « tanjia », a typical Marrakchi pot, which you will bring together to the « farnatchi », the antechamber of the bread oven, to cook your meal. The master of the oven, a pure Gnaoui strain will offer you tea before your return to the house of the craftsman where you will enjoy your « tanjia » lunch.

- Bab Aylen District
- Visit a foundouk
- Lunch with a inhabitant
- Ben Youssef Madrasa
- House of photography

The day begins with an immersion in Bab Aylen, the popular district of the Medina in which you find, alley lane, the vegetable market, barbers, traditional couturiers, mills, weavers mats, farnachis. ..
Visit of a foundouk:
Equivalent to the caravanserais of the Orient, the foundouk consisted of buildings with multiple functions. When it was located near the main gates of the city, it served as an inn for people passing through and their mounts. Essentially, it was used as a warehouse for commercial purposes.

Nothing better to understand a country than to share the daily life of its inhabitants ... and its gastronomy! Come and feel the special atmosphere of a house in the Medina. Your hosts will welcome you for lunch as if you were part of the family. It is the historical heart of the Medina. Come and discover one of the jewels of Marrakesh: the Medersa Ben Youssef, marvel of Amazigh-Arab-Andalusian architecture of the Saadian period (16th century).
Among other pleasures for the eyes, you will revel in front of the fountain Chrab or Chouf (drink and watch) erected under the reign of Ahmed El Mansour, the last Saadian king: a fountain with a sumptuous coronation executed in carved wood, to the appearance honeycombs, all covered with a pitched roof covered with glazed green tiles.

In the heart of the Medina of Marrakesh, close to the Ben Youssef Madrasa, is a sumptuous traditional house. It houses the "Maison de la Photographie", which is dedicated to exhibiting a collection of photographs, all original and taken in Morocco between 1870 and 1950. Many testimonies of landscapes or decorations that are often missing today that encourage an archeological glimpse!

Guide price based on 2 people: €90 per person

This price includes:
- Minibus - recent model - with driver, full day
- Lunch with an inhabitant
- Supervision: guide-lecturer
- Entrance to the House of Photography
- Water during the visit

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