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Hakima, who originates from the Berber mountains, studied ethnology which has given her a specific glance at her country and has painted her profession in a unique colour. « I have been a guide for twenty years in Essaouira but I travel all over Morocco. What I really like about my job is talking with and sharing stories with travellers. I want to impart as much knowledge as possible about my country and it is for this reason that I never stop learning and informing myself and this demands a lot of my personal time ». Her favourite region : After Essaouira, I would say the region of Meknes/Khemisset and its archeological treasures. Everybody knows the ancient Roman site of Volubilis, however not far from there is a cave which contains the oldest traces of humanity in Morocco, it’s unknown. It’s such a magnificent region and I love showing it to those who have the time to explore the wealth of our beautiful country ». What souvenir should you bring back from Moroccco? : It’s not a material souvenir. It’s wanting to come back. I gave myself a challenge : every visitor that I accompany must leave with wanting to come back! I impart all of my knowledge of art, history, geography and ethnicity. I have to convince them that there is so much to learn and see that one visit simply isn’t enough ».

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