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Marion settled down in Morocco with her husband and two children. They lived for a long time in eucalyptus forest in the Safi region before deciding to move to Marrakesh. « Born and raised in Brittany, I got married to a Moroccan. After giving birth to my second child, we decided to come and live in Morocco for the quality family life, to see our kids grow up and to be in beautiful natural surroundings ».

Her favourite region: « Being a true native of Brittany, I need flow and the ocean. Of course, my favourite place is Oualidia. My little piece of heaven is the Lalla Fatna creek between Safi and the Beddouza cape. The golden sands, the cliffs, the immensity… peaceful and rugged at the same time. The waves are like a washing machine for my mind ».

What she likes about her job: « Sharing and exchanging. Working for DEM allows me to discover Morocco in other ways, which is so precious. I was deeply moved by the sheer kindness of people whom we work with everyday (drivers, riad managers etc). My daughter, who is ten years old, summarises it well: I love to see my mother satisfied with her job ».

The souvenir that you should take back from your trip to Morocco: « Spices! Even the worst cook can make a delicious omelette thanks to a pinch of cumin! ».

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