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Achraf is a local to Marrakesh, affectionately known as Marrakchi! We could climb very far up his family tree… he started his career in tourism 15 years ago, and he can boast that he knows his country very well and that he masters his profession. He has trained in the hotel sector and worked for an airline company, giving him a well rounded experience in tourism. Equally, he has had the time to explore the kingdom from the North to the South by passing through the imperial cities, the entire Atlantic coast, the Sahara… “The only place missing is the Dakhla region! But I am planning to remedy that very soon…”
His favourite city: ”Marrakesh, obviously! I can say without exaggeration that Marrakesh no longer holds any more secrets from me”.
What he loves about his profession: Satisfaction lies in the realisation of made to measure trails. To be as close as possible to the expectations of each traveller, and to offer them something really different, or better yet, unique. I want everyone to leave Morocco with the highest possible image of our country by making them discover its natural beauty and by giving them access to its incredible human aspect”.
The most cherished memory to take back with you from Morocco: “As many photos as possible! And obviously the Moroccan pastries…”

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