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Ahmed graduated from Training Centre of Mountain Guides situated in the Ait Bougmez valley. It has been more than 20 years that he has been practising his profession with passion. The Atlas is his playing field : High Atlas, Anti Atlas, Western Atlas or Eastern… by skiing, mountain bike or on foot… he has reached the summit of Toubkal more than 400 times! His favourite region : I know Morocco well, the south of the desert, the Atlantic coast, the Atlas of course as I roam around there all year round. I don’t really have a favourite region as each one has its charm, its personality. Even at different times of the year, ascending the peak of Toubkal throws us into different ambiances such as snowy winter landscapes for the active amongst us and the moonscape summer for those new to hiking ». A souvenir to bring back from Morocco : The best souvenir cannot be bought. The value of money doesn’t count. We are incredibly happy to welcome people who want to come to our country. The best souvenir is that which lingers in your memory, that’s what makes our job so beautiful. If I take the example of Toubkal, I endeavour to reach the peak with a majority of people by taking the time to accompany those who have physical difficulties and by adapting to everyone’s level. Their most cherished souvenir will be having reached the peak of Toubkal ».

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